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Arizona Pipe Replacement

The cost of a total Arizona pipe replacement for a 1-3 bedroom home is significant, so it pays to take your time and perform a lot of research before you repipe your home. A professional pipe replacement could cost you anywhere from $7,500 to over $12,000, even more perhaps, depending on the current price of materials, so cost is a major factor when you’re determining whether it’s time to replace old pipes. At Swanson Plumbing Services, we highly recommend scheduling a thorough inspection to give our experts time to look over the condition of your home’s pipes and offer professional advice.

5 Tips For Determining Whether You Need an Arizona Pipe Replacement

1. Is your house more than 60 years old? If it is, or is nearing the milemarker, make it a point to visually inspect pipes once a year, checking for issues that may be an indication that it’s time to call in a plumber. Corrosion can take on many forms and may appear as flaking, discoloration, dimpling, or outright leaks. If you see signs of trouble, contact our plumbers for repipe services near Green Valley, Arizona.

2. Are you experiencing rust and corrosion issues in a portion of your home’s piping system? Spot fixes typically turn out to be a band-aid solution- an expensive one, at that. Invite a plumber in to take a look at your entire pipe matrix and listen carefully to what they tell you- get a second opinion, if needed. If your plumber recommends a whole home Arizona pipe replacement, take their professional advice and get the matter taken care of now.

3. Avoid pipe bursting in Green Valley and Sahuarita by having your whole plumbing system checked out by a plumber every 2-4 years; an inspection will allow your plumber to catch minor issues before they turn into full-blown plumbing problems. Once you’ve found a plumbing company you can trust, you’ll have peace of mind that you can follow their recommendations, even if it means an expensive old pipe repair.

4. Keep in mind that no part of your plumbing system can last forever; eventually, repairs and replacements will become a necessity. When that time arrives, reach out to Swanson Plumbing Services for exceptional customer care and quality plumbing work. We employ some of the hardest working, skilled plumbers in the state of Arizona. Get to know us better by scheduling a plumbing inspection today.

5. Ask your plumber what kind of pipes were installed in your home and research how long they’re expected to last. PVC pipes will need to be replaced every 25-35 years, on average, while brass and cast iron pipes may last up to 100 years. Knowing what kind of pipes you have can help you plan for an Arizona pipe replacement.

Contact our plumbers from Swanson Plumbing Services any time you need a plumber on hand to make repairs or perform any type of plumbing service, big or small. From unclogging drains to repiping Arizona homes, our plumbers do it all.

Arizona Pipe Replacement

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