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Plumbing Repairs

At Swanson Plumbing our plumbers are experts at a wide range of plumbing repairs. Whether you have a clogged drain or slab leak, we will identify the problem efficiently and repair the plumbing system with the least disruption to your home.

A plumbing repair may be as simple as repairing a pipe or faucet or a much larger undertaking. Trust our Green Valley, Arizona professionals for any plumbing repair rather than attempting to fix a plumbing problem yourself.

Plumber repairing an hot-water heater

Plumber repairing a hot water heater

Common Plumbing Repairs:

  • Drain cleaning
  • Sewer cleaning
  • Flush water heater
  • Garbage disposal repair or replacement
  • Repair leak at water heater
  • Repair slab leaks
  • Repair sewer leaks
  • Water heater repair or replacement
  • Re-route or re-pipe plumbing system

Plumbing Repair Tips:

Plumbing repairs may be prevented by performing routine plumbing maintenance, such as flushing your water heater or insulating your pipes.  Replacing an old shower head can conserve water and improve your comfort.

Leaky faucets can waste a tremendous amount of water.  Tightening the faucet may solve a simple issue and prevent the need for plumbing repair in the future.

Detergents and harmful chemicals found in common drain cleaners can cause damage to your plumbing system and kill natural bacteria beneficial to your septic system.  Prevent pipe and sewer plumbing repairs by using organic drain cleaners like Roebics to remove grease, soap scum, hair and other organic waste from your pipes.

Contact us at Swanson Plumbing at the first sign of a plumbing problem and we’ll dispatch a plumber to address your plumbing repair.

In addition to plumbing repairs, we have extensive experience upgrading toilets, faucets and appliances to conserve water and improve energy efficiency.